3 reasons headless commerce could be the smart way forward

COVID lockdowns and restrictions have supercharged the e-commerce market and transformed customer behaviour in Australia and New Zealand. Digital payments, home delivery, click and collect, have been widely adopted and while some of this may be temporary, we’re unlikely to return to the retail world before COVID.

The question for enterprise retailers is how to adapt to eCommerce’s growing share of spend and customer engagement? And the answer could well be a headless commerce platform.

Headless commerce allows businesses to bring e-commerce capability into multiple touchpoints while customising the brand or channel experience for the customer. It decouples back-end systems like distribution, inventory, and e-commerce, from front-end brand content. For large enterprises, with multiple brands, this brings three wins.

Take advantage e-commerce’s continued growth

Whether it’s in-app, online or through the Internet of Things, new opportunities for businesses to reach customers will continue to appear. Being able to decouple back end from front end, allows businesses to quickly enter new channels with a customised front end, without having to rebuild their whole back end.

Always be best in class

Headless commerce allows businesses to keep up with the best the market has to offer, with new front end systems quickly plugged into robust, existing back ends.

Keep up with customers

Customer expectations are always rising. The best experience they had anywhere, sets the standard for everywhere else. Being able to personalise your front end, and live up to your brand promise gives customers an emotional reward, while the back end completes the transaction and delivers the product. 

About Wpay

Wpay is a headless commerce retail payments platform that supports multiple front end systems across all online and offline channels.

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