Quarterly Merchant Update

Q4 2023 Edition

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FY24 Strategy Day

The Wpay Strategy Day brought every team together to showcase and share our strategic ambitions, goals, and objectives for the year ahead.

Together, we look towards the future to deliver value to complex businesses through connected payment experiences.

Everything you need to know about PayTo

Wpay is thrilled to announce the launch of our new PayTo offering with Zepto. Join us in a curated conversation with Wpay’s Head of Product, Anthony Bracic, Marnie Ryan from AP+, NPPA, and Team Zepto, where we’ll explore the journey, future plans, and the excitement surrounding PayTo.

Check out these Merchant Portal updates

Decline Rates

You can now analyse decline rates based on card types and even customise the time period. This allows you to gain valuable insights into the performance of different card types. 

Decline Trends

You can now see your decline amounts in addition to Decline Transaction Count & Decline Percentage. This provides clarity on the financial impact associated with declined transactions.

Declined Reason Reporting

This update provides detailed insights into your top 5 decline reasons, categorised by store. You have the flexibility to filter the results based on store ID, reason, transaction type, scheme, and card present status. 

Additionally, you can customise the specific day you want to analyse, allowing you to gather accurate and targeted data for your analysis.


The latest news on our latest products

Ready-to-go payments flow with our new Orchestration platform

Wpay is investing in a new Payment Orchestration Platform (POP) that is cloud native and resilient. Payment Orchestration is already live with Shortys, and we are actively assisting merchants making the the move to the new platform. 

This upgrade will support simpler integration and go to market with the payment methods you need to reach your customers with dynamic rules for payment processing. 

Additionally, we offer dynamic 3DS, enabling you to shift fraud responsibility to the card issuer for authenticated payments. Our Payment Orchestration Platform is now available, so upgrade today. 

The capabilities we are ready with

Payment methods

Amex, Diners, JCB, Mastercard, Visa​

Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal

AfterPay, Zip, PayPay (Pin4)​


Dynamic 3DS


Integration methods

Direct API​

Front End Orchestration drop in​

Android SDK​


Magento Plugin​

Compliance Updates
New tools for fighting fraud


Visa - Compelling Evidence 3.0

A new Compelling Evidence standard has been introduced to mitigate First Party Fraud (also known as Friendly Fraud). 

What is First Party/Friendly Fraud?
Friendly Fraud occurs when a cardholder participates in a transaction or receives the purchased goods but then later dishonestly claim that they have not received goods and disputes the payment with their bank.

How does this update help fight fraud?
The new standard provides additional types of evidence that merchants can provide to challenge friendly fraud cases.

This includes evidence such as photographs, emails or previous payment history that link the customer raising the dispute to the merchandise/service that was provided. 

How to flag this type of fraud:
Acquirers can flag disputes as a ‘compelling evidence’ case and Issuers must contact the customer and go through the evidence provided and explain why the dispute is still relevant.

The fine details:
Applicable to Visa dispute codes 10.4 (Card Absent Fraud) and 13.1 merchandise/services not received. 

Settlement Updates
More flexible than ever

Flexible Settlement

12am cut-off
Wpay have introduced a new flexible settlement system aligned with our principle of simplicity and operational efficiency. The settlement window from 00:00 to 23:59 now provides merchants with a settlement aligned to the calendar date. As part of this update, EG Fuel is transitioning from our legacy settlement model to the new 12am settlement window.

Same Day Settlement
Another exciting update, Wpay’s new same day settlement ensures that merchants receive their funds within three hours of the end of trading. This provides a significant working capital relief by accelerating the receipt of funds. Live Group has expressed interest in opting in and is currently piloting this capability at three stores.

To find out more about same day settlement, have a chat with your account manager.

Flexible Billing Options for Merchants

At Wpay, we understand that scheme fees are an integral part of transaction costs for merchants, encompassing both international and domestic card transactions as well as Alternate Payment Methods (APMs). These fees are charged on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis, with varying rates based on transaction and service types. It’s important to note that these fees and charges are in addition to interchange fees.

To provide merchants with greater flexibility, Wpay have implemented scheme fee application models in our Billing Engine. This enables us to offer flexible billing options such as Blended, IC+, and IC++ to merchants, ensuring they have the billing structure that best suits their needs.

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