Case Study

Shorty's x Wpay

Raising a toast to a successful partnership

Shorty’s, a corporate alcohol delivery company supplies ¾ of Sydney’s CBD businesses with their beverage needs. From breakfast bar cold-pressed juices to after work apéritifs, Shorty’s aim to offer an online customer experience that’s as flawless as their finest drop.

Before their partnership with Wpay, Shorty’s were using an out-of-the-box solution payment experience that was difficult to customise and was more of a headache than a hail mary.

Since beginning their partnership with Wpay in 2022, Shorty’s quickly realised that Wpay wasn’t just an e-commerce spring clean but a collaboration on creating a smarter, safer and more financially savvy payment experience.

3 Top-notch takeaways

A local-based partner meant a strong partnership and perfect solutions were made.

In-depth onboarding partnership. No more mind-numbing info videos.

Co-creation product solution and adaptations. The outcome you want, not the solution you have to settle for.

The finest features

Gift Card Customisation

  • Shorty’s has sold 21,000 Gift Cards since Q4, 2022 as of March, 2023. This was a completely new revenue stream that the business wasn’t able to previously implement.
  • The Gift Card campaign had very little additional marketing budget behind it to launch.
  • Gift Cards also came with a range of personalisation benefits such as personalisation of the gift message and adding a video message. Cheers to that.

Digital Payment Orchestration

  • Shorty’s are able to access Wpay’s payment orchestration platform giving them the ability to add and turn off and on new and different ways to pay.
  • The seamless integration of digital payment options such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal upgraded their checkout process without any security risks.

Merchant Portal

  • More visibility on customer spending and in-depth data on customer transactions, pain points and potential opportunities.
  • With this comes fraud protection and the reduction of fraud. Shorty’s fraudulent transactions were down 95% from the previous year.

The perfect pairing

Shorty’s and Wpay collaborated as a unified team to ideate, iterate and build a bespoke custom payment experience. By adding additional products and features, Shorty’s e-commerce payment process is more secure, they have more insight into their customer’s purchasing patterns, and in turn their customers have a more positive experience transacting through their site.

Partnership highlights:

A frictionless customer payment method

A new Gift Card income stream that feels authentic and customer centric.

A range of new digital payment partners and a merchant portal which led to a 95% reduction in fraud.

Ultimately, the Wpay partnership allowed Shorty’s to grow and become a more profitable business.

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