Move beyond payments

Connected payments, in-store and online solutions, co-creative collaboration and a complete Gift Card offering – all in one service. Discover how Wpay grows businesses through payment experiences. 

Built by and servicing one of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest retailers

And supporting some of Australia and New Zealand’s most well-known brands.

We’ve transformed transactions into rich payment experiences

Wpay unify and integrate payment experiences across all channels to turn every touch point into a key moment for the customer. This boosts customer engagement and grows businesses.

Never miss a sale

Online, in-store, on the go, in-app or mobile. Accept payments anywhere. Be ready for every retail moment.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week



Accept payments
in-store online on the go in-app on mobile
with our Payment Partners:

Work with the experts of scale



* Number of transactions recorded for a 12 month period from July 2021 to June 2022 inclusive.



**Annual dollar value of transactions recorded over a twelve month period from July 2021 to June 2022 inclusive.

Innovate and optimise

Keep operations simple

Track sales and customers across all channels, no matter what POS or payment method.

Manage risks

Stay safe without slowing down sales with fraud protection through leading AI and managed services. ​

Enable growth

Attract new and loyal customers through Gift Cards, and promotions to increase basket size and share of wallet.

A service for every business

Growth powered
by data

Unlock your payments data and grow your business with Wpay analytics.

Wpay analytics are powered by extensive payments data, and enhanced through customer & market analysis. They identify key areas of opportunity, performance and competitor insights, and identify loyal customers and their habits.

Customer led

Stay up to speed in the ever changing world of retail.

The retail landscape is constantly changing and with it, customer needs, wants, and demands. Wpay know how to build payment experiences that work at scale through a proven history of customer led solutions. Giving businesses what they need to own every movement.

Teamwork and

With teamwork you can take on anything.

Wpay will work with you across multiple teams to find specific solutions for your business and customers needs. From implementation and onboarding, through to ongoing post-integration and optimisation, collaboration is what we do.

Our solutions

Connected Payments

Online, in-store and everything in between. Give your customers all encompassing benefits of the connected payments experience.

In-store Payments

From streamlining checkouts to mobile point of sale. See how any customer moment in-store can turn into a payment experience.

Online Payments

Wrangle the web. Balance in-app purchases, subscriptions and split payments and beyond with our online payment experience.

Gift Cards

Retail's best kept secret. Discover how Gift Cards reduce processing, build brands and grow businesses.

Data & Analytics

The hardest questions, answered. See a unified view of your business, and customers with Wpay Data & Analytics.

Fraud and Risk Management

Enjoy the reassurance that comes with comprehensive security that works across a large volume of transactions.