Cyber security enables a retailer’s business and protects their reputation

Digitisation has delivered many opportunities for retailers, but it’s brought challenges too.

Customers expect to be recognised and seamlessly pick up where they left off whether they’re shopping in-app, online, or in-store. That means retailers have to store and access customer data effortlessly. 

Customers also expect their personal data to be secure and blame the retailer for any breaches. That means retailers have to protect that data, at multiple access points, against varied and always-evolving threats. It’s no surprise then, that payment information is the most frequent target for hackers.

Retailers are locked in an arms race with fraudsters and hackers. Each digital innovation and expansion can grow their business, but also grow the threat. Cyber-security is no place for Minimum Viable Products or budget trimming – it’s a non-negotiable.

Wpay’s payments platform reflects this no-compromise approach. Designed and built by retailers, it’s constantly evolving to protect innovations and counter new threats. 

Wpay’s cyber security function consistently reduces fraud losses across 1.2bn transactions annually. Covering 18% of all Australian card transactions, the platform is battle-hardened, yet designed to evolve with best-in-class security and fraud systems seamlessly plugged in.

And with so much at stake, that’s a smart choice. 

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Case studies

Case studies

Case studies